Why Choose Us

Why Aerate With Oz Aeration?


With prices starting from $60 for small front lawns, our standard full property costs on average from $120 – $150. Our business model is designed so that our customers have their lawn aerated for roughly the same price it costs to even go rent a machine. In fact, most of our customers pay less than a standard rental. Previously if homeowners wanted to aerate their lawn, there were three options:

1. Rent a machine and aerate your grass yourself.

Too much hassle! This option involves picking up the machine from the rental store, spending hours operating a 200lb machine that is difficult to manoeuvre, and upon completion, cleaning the machine, refilling it with petrol and then dropping it back to the rental store. Notwithstanding, the average rental cost can be $130 per day.

If you have a smaller lawn area, it’s hard to justify the full rental price; this is exactly where we come in. Our prices reflect the size of the lawn, so you may find yourself paying up to half the cost of a rental, with no strenuous labour!

2. Arrange a gardener to aerate for you.

Gardeners tend to rent the machine and then add on a fee for their service. Generally, this ends up costing more than using us to do it for you.

3. Pitchfork / Spiking

Many people still use the pitchfork or the spiked shoe method. These methods can be quite time consuming, and more importantly, they don’t aerate the lawn properly as no core of soil is removed. Spike aeration using the spiked shoes is in fact counter productive as it further compacts the soil. Our machines effectively aerate the lawn, removing cores of soil, so you get the real benefits needed to take your lawn to the next level.

Why use our Lawn Care Programme

One of the most common issues for a homeowner wanting a nice, lush, healthy green lawn is keeping the weeds and grubs away. The vast majority of weeds require selective herbicides that
need to be bought at nurseries, which can be quite expensive. The homeowner must be careful when using these as the wrong quantities or using them on different types of grasses can result in
heavy damage to a lawn.

Our lawn care programme takes the stress of this away. We tailor our service to each individual lawn allowing us to rid your lawn of weeds while strengthening it against future issues. The products we use cannot be purchased by the average homeowner and we are continually updating and improving upon these.


Our Business Model allows us to have your lawn looking its best
for a price that makes sense!

a lush lawn in Sydney, AustraliaQuality Service

We aerate with the best machinery, the Ryan Lawnaire IV, and use the latest products and methods when spraying so you are guaranteed the best service. Upon completion, we always take the time to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our work

Stress Free

We take care of your property like it was our own. When either Aerating or Spraying, we always take time to identify any potential issues with the home owner. As far as payment is concerned, there are no contracts and we offer the convenience of debit/credit card as well as the traditional methods of
payment. Our friendly team will take care of everything while you just sit back and watch your grass grow stronger, greener and healthier every day.

After Care

We care about your lawn, after all, your lawn is our business. Our qualified technicians offer free advice on other lawn care related topics that will help take your lawn to the next level.

If you have any issues at all, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Friendly Staff

Our people reflect our brand. Friendly, caring, and always possessing a good attitude. All of our team have been carefully selected to give our customers the best possible experience. We care about
building relationships with our customers, and our people show that.


We are a fully insured & certified company