Weed Control & Fertilisation

Weed Control

weed-controlWe use a wide range of weed control products that help keep your lawn clear of weeds. All of our products are purchased commercially, therefore cannot be purchased by the average homeowner, and have proved time and time again to eradicate the stubborn weeds that invade your lawn.
Post emergent weed control products will kill any of the weeds currently on your lawn. These include broadleaf weeds such as bindii, clover, creeping oxalis and many more.
Pre emergent weed control products help prevent seasonal grassy weeds, which can be difficult to get rid of. These include winter grass, summer grass & crowsfoot.


fertilizerWe use a quality slow release fertiliser that will feed your lawn for up to 12 weeks. The specially formulated blend provides your grass with a reliable and consistent source of all the essential nutrients it requires. This helps to create a thick turf that outperforms weeds and leave your lawn looking luscious and green


insecticideAt certain times during the year grubs can destroy your lawn in a matter of days. The products we use are proactive and help to prevent the issue of a grub infestation from arising.