Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips


  • Water your lawn heavily after the lawn has been aerated.
  • Water your lawn heavily once every 5 or 6 days, unless of course we are receiving adequate rainfall.
  • Heavy, infrequent watering encourages deeper root growth making your lawn stronger and more drought tolerant.
  • It is recommended to water your lawn early in the morning or in the evening hours just before it turns dark. Do not water at night time or during the day when it is too hot.



  • The next mow following aeration should be done without the catcher on. This will break the cores of soil back into the lawn, acting as a natural top dress.
  • It is best to ensure the cores of soil are dry before you mow.
  • When mowing, only ever remove less than one third of the grass leaf and try to mow in different directions every week.


Top Dressing

  • Top dressing lawns should generally only be carried out for two reasons – to level uneven lawns and to add nutrients that the lawn may be lacking.
  • Unless levelling out, you want to put down between 5 to 10mm. Putting down more than this can cause it to suffocate your lawn.
  • When top dressing, you want to try and match the existing soil composition as best you can However, if you have a clay based soil, it may be beneficial to sand the lawn after aerating. When doing this, you just want to put down enough to fill the holes. This helps change the soil structure thus improving drainage and increasing the growth of healthy grass
  • NB – It is very important to give the lawn a good watering after top dressing as the grass is a bit more stressed out than usual.


  • Gypsum can be used to improve the physical condition of clay based soils.
  • Soil particles are brought together into clumps enhancing water penetration and root development.
  • Gypsum is a natural product that can be applied, twice yearly, at any time of the year.

* is an excellent website to top up your lawn care knowledge!

a beautiful lawn several months after aeration